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A marriage proposal – Summary

A marriage proposal – Summary

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A marriage proposal’ is a very fine drama written by a Russian writer Anton Chekhov. It presents a true picture of a village life. presents a character Lomov that is hypochondriac. His mental illness creates trouble for him. He plans to propose to a girl Natalia who already loves him secretly. The trouble begins when he reaches her house to ask for her hand in marriage. the girl’s father Choobookov is very happy to hear the news but Lomov is misunderstood by the girl. The girl after some talk quarrels with him on issue of a piece of land. Natalia insults Lomov and he leaves the place hopelessly. When Natalia comes to know that he had come to propose to her.She becomes mad and recalls him. they quarrel again this time on the matter of their dogs. in the last scene, Natalia’s father takes the matter seriously and joins Lomov’s hand with Natalia’s and there comes a happy end.

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