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A Picnic Party – Essay

A Picnic Party – Essay

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A picnic party is essential for our life. it is a party which is generally organised outside the house in a garden or in a park .A group of people gathers together at such a place to eat and enjoy themselves.people bring cooked food with themselves or sometimes people plan to cook there at the place of picnic.They eat,sing,dance and play together.It is very enjoying and gives a different type of refreshment. It gives us diversion from our routine work. It is basically organised on a holiday like 1st january. If the place is a favourite spot for a lot of other people also, it become more enjoyable. Many people gather together and the scene becomes like a fair. sometimes in school and college students go out for a picnic. It is very much enjoying and leaves a mark on our life. we always remember this type of party when we are adult.

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