A Visit to a place of Historical Importance – Essay

A Visit to a place of Historical Importance – Essay

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we read a lot about historical places in our books of history. but, a visit to a place of historical importance is a matter of great satisfaction. delhi is a place that many places that a man can visit. it is famous for the glory of mughal Empire. ‘Lal quila’. ‘Quitub minar’ and ‘india Gate’ are the symbols of pride. learning about them in books is another thing but watching the vastness of their grandeur in front of the eyes is no doubt mesmerizing. sometimes we doubt that these things have been built in thoser times when the so called technology was not very advanced. how could have pepole managed to take the huge mass of stones on so high a platform? the fineness is amazingiy beautiful. the paintings and crafting on the walls aer lively. i think even today when our technology is at its peak, the construction of these types of buildings will be a challenging task before the engineering of not india but the world.

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