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An Indian Fair – Essay

An Indian Fair – Essay

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An indian fair is faMous all over the world. in india many types of fairs are organised. village fairs are very coMMon in india. it brings happiness in the whole village. froM tiMe to tiMe, a village fair is held in the villages of our country. shops of different articles are on display. the villages look at and buy the things of their necessity. children have special interest in the fair. They enjoy swinging. fairs based on folk culture of the places are also popular in india. ‘puskar fair’ of Rajasthan and ‘sonepur fair’ of Bihar are famous all over aisa. people froM different nations come to see theM. Now, it has taken a new froM. book fair, industrial fair, handicraft fair. propetry fair and education fair, etc. are the new names of fair. organisers organise these types of fair to advertise and sell the product in a modern way.

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