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Bihar Board Class 12th English Science and its Advantages – Essay

Bihar Board Class 12th English Science and its Advantages – Essay

Asked in: (2015,2017)


There are a lot of advantages of seience. it has almost everything that we needed and desired. it has made our life comfortable and beautiful. The most amazing gift of science is an aeroplance, mobile phone, computer, internet, etc. it has given us fan, air conditioner, washing machine, induction cooking top and a lot many things to household. Right from the morning, our day starts with an alarm clock and moves on things that science has given us. We cannot imagine a day without electricity. Nothing is possible in the absence of electricity. Latest reserch and developement in the field of medicine has eradicated the roots of many diseases. Today, We talk about life on other planets in the universe. Science has given us a way to reach there. We suspect aliens are also present in this universe. But we fear their knowledge of science is much more than that of us. If this happens, it will be a very serious concern for humanity on the Earth. Science has developed even ‘robot’ that can be an alternative to human resource.

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