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Biology VVI Objective Question |Objective Question Biology Class 12th|Bihar Board 12th Objectives Questions| Bihar Board


Biology Objective Question 2022

1. What is the importance of Euchromatinof chromosome?

(a) Genetically active inactive

(b) Neutral

(c) Genetically inactive

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Ans:- (d)


2. Jim Corbett National Park is famour for

(a) Rhino

(b) Lion

(c) Tiger

(d) Black-duck

Ans:- (c)


3. Hybrid Vigour is due to which event in the following?

(a) Crossing over

(b) Chiasma

(c) Homozygosity

(d) Heterozygosity

Ans:- (d)


4. Which of the following is the vestigial organ of human ?

(a) Thumb

(b) Pinna

(c) Coccyx

(d) Pelvic

Ans:- (b) and (c)


5. Haemochorial placenta is found in which of the following ?

(a) Rabbit

(b) Human being

(c) Horse

(d) All of these

Ans:- (b)


6. Which pollinator is not attracted by scent of a flower?

(a) Moth

(b) Butterfly

(c) Bird

(d) Bat

Ans:- (c)


7. An example of the quantitative trait in man is

(a) Colour of eye

(b) Skin colour

(c) Hair colour

(d) Shape of nose

Ans:- (b)


8. The agent that tends to produce cancer is called as –

(a) Carcinoma

(b) Carcinogen

(c) Oncogene

(d) Metastasis

Ans:- (b)


9. How many types of nucleic acid are there?

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

Ans:- (d)


10. The first trophic level in a recosystem consists of –

(a) Primary producers

(b) Secondary producers

(c) Primary consumers

(d) Secondary consumers

Ans:- (a)


11. Name the cellular genes which when activated can cause cancer?

(a) Oncogenes

(b) Proto-oncogenes

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) Silent genes

Ans:- (a)


12. Gene gun can introduce genes into cells with the help of –

(a) Plasmids

(b) Cosmids

(c) Phagemids

(d) Microscopic pellets

Ans:- (d)


13. Flavr Savr is a genetically modified

(a) Rice

(b) Cotton

(c) potato

(d) Tomato

Ans:- (d)


14. The upright pyramid of number is absent in which of the following ?

(a) Forest

(b) Grassland

(c) Lake 

(d) Pond

(b) Grassland

Ans:- (a)


15. Which is not recycled in ecosystem?

(a) Oxygen

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Water

(d) Energy

Ans:- (d)


16. Spermatozoa which are not ejaculated are reabsorbed in the –

(a) Scrotum

(b) Vas efferens

(c) Vasdeferens

(d) Ejaculatory duct

Ans:- (c)


17. Connective issues are derived from which embryonic layer ?

(a) Ectoderm

(b) Mesoderm

(c) Endo- Mesoderm

(d) Endoderm

Ans:- (b)


18. X-chromosome is

(a) Acentric

(b) Acrocentric

(c) Metacentrie

(d) Telocentric



19. Allosomes are the name of which among the following?

(a) Autosomes

(b) Sex chromosomes

(c) Swelling on the chromosome

(d) Kinelichore



20. Endogamy is found in which of the following?

(a) Plastm

(b) Planaria

(c) taenia

(d) Hydra



21. Oestrus cycle occurs in which of the following?

(a) Man

(b) Monkey

(c) Cow

(d) All of these



22. Ranthambore National Park is located in-


(b) Rajasthan

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Madhya Pradesh



23. Which one is an endemic plan ?

(a) Ricets discolor

(b) Marchantis polymorpha

(c) cynodon dactylon

(d) Nepenthes khasiana



24. Extrachromosomal DNA used as vector in gene cloning is –

(a) Transposon

(b) Intron

(c) Plasmid

(d) Exon



25. Ti-plasmid transforms cells of which of the following?

(a) Bacteria

(b) Vine

(c) Plants

(d) Animals



26. Polymerase chain reaction is useful in

(a) Protein synthesis

(b) Amino acid synthesis

(c) DNA synthesis

(d) DNA amplification



27. Tendrils of Cucurbita and thorns of Bougainvillea are –

(a) Homologous organs

(b) Vestigial organs

(c) Analogous organs

(d) Both (a) and (b)



28. Darwin’s finches show –

(a) Natural selection

(b) Parallel evolution

(c) Homology

(d) Adaptive radiation



29. Archaeopterys, fossil bird is connecting link between

(a) Amphibians and Reptiles

(b) Reptiles and Birds

(c) Amphibians and Birds

(d) Fishes and Amphibians



30. A dihybrid condition is

(a) Ttrr

(b) ttRr

(c) TtRr

(d) TtRr



31. Different forms of a gene are called

(a) Complementary genes

(b) Heterozygotes

(c) Supplementary genes

(d) Allele.



32. Tapetal cells show-

(a) A Mitotic division

(b) Meiotic division

(c) Endomitosis division

(d) Endomitosis and polyploidy



33. Embryo sac is formed by-

(a) Magaspore

(b) Megasporangium

(c) Female gametophyte

(d) Female gamete


34. Which one is present on transfer RNA?

(a) Initiation codon

(b) Degenerate codon

(c) Termination codon

(d) Anti codon



35. Reverse transcriptase is —

(a) RNA dependent DNA polymerase enzyme

(b) DNA dependent DNA polymerase enzyme

(c) RNA dependent RNA polymerase enzyme

(d) DNA dependent RNA polymerase enzyme


36. A gene of operon which forms the repressor protein is called?

(a) Operator gene

(b) Promoter gene

(c) Regulator gene

(d) Structural gene



37. Toxin produced by tetanus affects –

(a) Jaw bones

(b) Voluntary muscles

(c) Involuntary muscles

(d) Both (b) and (c)



38. AIDS virus possesses

(a) Single strand RNA

(b) Double strand RNA

(c) Single strand DNA

(d) Double strand DNA



39. Addiction to tobacco is caused by

(a) Caffeine

(b) Cocaine

(c) Histamine

(d) Nicotine



40. Domestic waste constitutes which type of pollution?

(a) Air pollution

(b) Effluents

(c) Biodegradable pollution

(d) Non biodegradable pollution



41. Common indicator organism of water pollution in the following is –

(a) Cholera vibrio

(b) Eschericia coli

(c) Salmonella typhi

(d) Entamoeba histolytica



42. Bombay Duck is

(a) Prawn

(b) Fish

(c) Aquatic bird

(d) Marine snail



43. Shakti, Rattan and Protina are lysine rich varieties of which of the following?

(a) Rice

(b) Wheat

(c) Cotton

(d) Maize



44. Bull’s semen is stored in –

(a) Liquid Nitrogen

(b) Liquid Carbon-dioxide

(c) Ice

(d) None of these



45. Protein in silk thread is —

(a) Keratin

(b) Albumin

(c) Fibroin

(d) Both (b) and (c)



46. Leydig cells secrete

(a) Testosterone

(b) Progesterone

(c) Oestrogens 

(d) Corticosterone



47. Oral contraceptive is composed of which of the following combination?

(a) Estrogen and growth hormone

(b) Progesterone and testosterone

(c) Estrogen and testosterone

(d) Estrogen and progesterone



48. Lagging strand during DNA replication is formed

(a) Continuously

(c) In short segments

(b) Discontinuously

(d) Both (b) and (c)



49. Frameshift mutation occurs when

(a) Base in deleted or added

(b) Base is added

(c) Base is deleted

(d) Phosphate is added



50. Wobble hypothesis was proposed by –

(a) Crick

(b) Nuremberg

(c) Holley

(d) Khorana



51. Which one cause degradation of RBC?

(a) Arsenic compounds

(b) Hydrocarbons

(c) Ammonia

(d) Sulphur compounds



52. Water blooms are formed by

(a) Hydrilla

(b) Water hyacinth

(c) Trapa

(d) Planktonic algae



53. Formation of soil takes place by the process of

(a) Melting

(b) Weathering

(c) Pedogenesis

(d) Both (b) and (c)



54. A characteristic feature of hydrophytes is –

(a) Floating leaves

(b) Aerenchyma

(c) Submerged leaves

(d) Well developed phloem



55. Fungal hyphae remain intercellular in

(a) Ectomycorrhiza

(b) VAM

(c) Endomycorrhiza

(d) None of these



56. Pleiotropic gene shows which type of phenotype?

(a) Multiple genotype

(b) Multiple phenotype

(c) Single genotype

(d) Singe phenotype



57. Heterozygous organism for two genes in the following shall be ?

(a) RRYY

(b) RrYY

(c) RRYY

(d) RrYy



58. Which one of the National aquatic animal of India ?

(a) River Dolphin

(b) Gangetic Shark

(c) Sea Horse

(d) Blue whale



59. Which is not included under in-situ conservation?

(a) Biosphere reserve

(b) Botanical/Zoological garden

(c) National Park

(d) Sanctuary



60. Molecular scissor, which cut DNA at specific site is

(a) Pectinase enzyme

(b) Restriction endonuclease

(c) Polymerease enzyme

(d) Ligase enzyme



61. Which of the following is used as vector in gene therapy for SCID?

(a) Retro virus

(b) Rota virus

(c) Arbo virus

(d) Parvo virus



62. Which are vestigial organs in humans?

(a) Nictitating mimbrane

(b) Tail vertebrae

(c) wisdomu tooth

(d) All of these



63. Bt cotton genes repel which of the following ?

(a) Insect pests

(b) Bactral pathogens

(c) Nematodei parasites

(d) Fungal pathogens



64. Source of Taq polymerase used in PCR is a

(a) Themophilic fungus.

(b) Thermophilic bacterium

(c) Mesophilic fungus

(d) Halophilic bacterium



65. Which of the following is used in production of insulin by Genetic Engineering ?

(a) Rhizobium legminosrum

(b) Escherichia coli

(c) Saccharpomyces pastoriaus

(d) Mycobacterium



66. ‘Survival of Fittest thought was proposed by

(a) Charles Darwin

(b) Hugo de Vries

(c) Herbert Spencer

(d) Lamarck



67. Which of th following is used as green manure/biofertilizer ?

(a) Rice

(b) Maize

(c) Oat

(d) Damcha



68. Which of the following is a microbial insecticide?

(a) Bacillus subutilis

(b) Bacillus polymyxa

(c) Bacillus thuringiensis

(d) Bacillus brevis



69. Which among the followingi is direct ancestor of Homo sapiens ?

(a) Ramapithecus

(b) Homo erectus

(c) Australopithecus

(d) Homo neanderthalensis



70. The primary treatment of sewave water involves which of the following step?

(a) Aerobic bacterial activity

(b) Filtration and sedimentation

(c) Anaerobic bacterial activity

(d) Sludge digestion



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