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Electromagnetic Waves VVI Questions | Physics VVI Objective Question Bihar Board | Bihar Board Class 12th Physics

Electromagnetic Waves VVI Questions 

Q.1.Write down two properties of electromagnetic wave.

Ans:- Properties of Electromagnetic Waves:

1. Electromagnetic waves are produced due to oscillating and accelerating charge.

2. These waves do not require any medium to propagate. They can also travel in vacuum also.


Q.2. Write any two properties of X-ray rays.

Ans:- (i). The range of wavelength of X-ray is 1mm to 1/1000 nm.

(ii). They gives the luminous effect on photo graphic plates.


Q.3. Write two main features of LASER rays.

Ans :- (i). A laser beam is collimated,  meaning it consiats of waves travelling parallel to each other in single direction.

(ii). Laser light is coherent,  which means all the light wave move in phase together in both time and space.

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