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English 10th VVI Questions part – 02

English 10th VVI Questions part – 02

Q.1. What is the impact of high pitched strain in ‘koel’ ? 

Ans – The high pitched strains of the koel wakes in the poet’s soul thousand memories. 

Q.2. Why did the narrator leave the girls in ‘Love Defiled’ ? 

Ans – The narrator left the girls he loved so passionately because his parents and relatives opposed their marrriage. 

Q.3. How would Gillu inform Mahadevi verma that he was hungry?

Ans – When hungry, Gillu would inform the writer by twittering ‘chick-chick’ .

Q.4. How would the Nobel peace prize given to Aung san suu Kyi help the Burmese people ?

Ans – The speaker refers regarding his mother Aung sun snu kyi and a number of seniror and highly respected leaders who are incarcerated in his country for the sake of freedom of their country. 

Q.5. How does R.C. Hutchinson describe the elderly corn merchant ?

Ans – The writer describes the Corn-merchant like this ; 

(a) He was a man of many anexietis. 

(b) His heart was dicky.

(c) His nephew used to cheat him and his wife had the habit of spending ten dollars on a holiday. 

(d) It was very-very difficult for him to keep pace of life. 

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