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English 10th VVI Questions part – 03

English 10th VVI Questions part – 03

Q.1. What does the author think about the strength of indian culture ?

Ans – According to Humayun kabir, the strength of indian culture is very amazing. Even after going through many ups and downs. It is flourishing till this day. It is the sense of indians which has made it possible for indian culture to exist till today. 

Q.2. Why does the writer call the two little girls “Dear little souls” ?

Ans – The two little girls realised their mistake and corrected it. They showed more maturity and intelligence than their elders. They soon forgot their anger and become freinds again while their elders continued to fight. That’s why the writer calls them ‘Dear little souls’ 

Q.3. In ‘The pace For Living’, what enlightment dose the writer seek from his wife ? 

Ans – Today, films are full of fast changes of scene and action. While watching movies, the writer gets confused regarding the movement of characters on the screen. He is unable to distinguish among the different characters. So, he seeks enlightment from his wife in his regard.  

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