English 10th VVI Questions part-04

English 10th VVI Questions part-04

Q.1.  What is the writer’s opinion on travelling fast?

Ans:- The writer likes trvelling fast. He admits that such quick travel going fast in car does not give the traveller the real pleasure of travel like that given by travelling in a country bus.

Q.1.  What advice does jim give to his mother?What does she reply?

Ans:- Jim went back home. He found his mother using electric mixer. jim advised her to use the old egg beater because it did not use electricity.

Q.3.  when did Gillu make a twittering sound?

Ans:- Whenever Gillu become hugry, he used to make a twittering sound. This let the narrator know that he wanted food.

Q.4. Where do you find health and virtue?

Ans:- I find helth and virtue in the country.

Q.5. What did radha’s friend believe in?

Ans:- Radha’s friend believes that the joy may come again. she must get happiness in her life in future.

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