Evils of Dowry – Essay

Evils of Dowry – Essay

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Our society is full of many evils. one of them is the disease of dowry. Dowry is the gift that is given by a father to his daughter at the time of her Marriage. it is the share of girl’s property that even king janak gave to her daughter site when she was married to RaM. it does not Mean i justify the system. the probleM today is that it is demanded not only before marriage by the side of the groom but also after marriage. if the demand is not fulfilled the bride or the bahu is burnt or tortured to death. there are many strict laws to prevent it but the system is very easily seen in every society of ours. the family of the boy demands it because they have paid it to their daughter. it has also become a fashion in some castes of the society. the brooms are sold, the highest payee get the offer. there is no place for sense and love in this market of marriage. laws cannot work here, civil sense is essential if we understand prevention is better than cure.

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