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Failures are the pillars of Success – Essay

Failures are the pillars of Success – Essay

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since the time immortal, this saying has proved its lively presence. only recentlay during delhi assembly Election in 2015, Aam Admi party proved so. During consecutive three elections, once got 28 seats in Assembly Election, then zero seat in parliamentry Election and just after eight months got 67 out of 70 seats in Assembly. failure teaches some lessons. one, who learns from these lessons, gets success. failure gives time to think over what one dose. it an opportunily to make things better. it provides new energy. it should never be ingnored. it should be welcomed politely. one of the smallest creatures that a person can see with his eyes. an ant never gives up its effort. it dose great things. A break in a vehicle once stops it but on the other hand it gives drive a confidence to move it with its full speed. As the power of break decides the power of confidence of a drive to speed up the vehicle. in the some way the shock of failure confirms a greater success to a person if dealt smartly.

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