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Friendship – Essay

Friendship – Essay

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friendship is a relationship that develops between the people of the same mental and sometimes of the same physical set up. in modern hurry .it is seen to have a very short life .it generally develops between the people ofmutual interest .there was a time when lord krishan had a beggar like . friend sudaama .this friendship is still talked about .true friendship is . rare these days .a true friend is tasted in adversity prosperity may attract . a lot many friends .adversity put them on trial .people should always be careful when making friends .a good friend can help in making a good life while a bad friend may spoil the life .flatteres should not be mistaken as friends.they may not be good wishers .one should naver forget the obligation and gratitude of a friend .it is a mutual caring of interest and need .one should be always ready to give as much as or more then what one receives .it grows and prospers on the basis of this mutual understanding

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