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India through a Traveller’s eye – Summary

India through a Traveller’s eye – Summary

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‘India through a Traveller’s eye’, is a very fine travelogue by an american authorees pearl S. Buck. She praises indians because of their willingness to pay the full price for faith. She says she has known a lot about this country through her parents since childhood. She once visits India to listen to its two classes of people’. The young intellectuals in the cities and the patients in village. The young intellectuals are found restless and defeated. They feel that the english have cheated them. The patients in the village are seen very poor and their children suffering from malnutrition. The villagers have great respect for their religion. In India, the life-span is only 27 years. Everywhere only the english are to be blamed for. In Indian villages she finds that the leadership can be continued only by the person who is not self-seeking.

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