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Kindness to Animals – Essay

Kindness to Animals – Essay

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kindness to animal is the demand of the time. every animal has its own importance in the life of man. the cow gives us milk. the milk of cow gives us life. the dog guards our house in the night. the ox pulis plough. the horse gives us ride. many animals have helped and served men without any coMplain and deMand. in earlier tiMes, men were dependent on the animals. sheep gave men wool to protect themselves from the cold. there were also hunters who killed aniMals for pleasure. it is now banned by the governMent. these days animals are killed for cooking and eating this is also not good. we should love and protect them to get their love in return. some animals like lions and tigers are on the verge of extinction. we are doing work to save theM. children should be discouraged froM hitting a passing dog and catching a flying butterfly.

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