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Magnetism and Matter VVI Questions |Physics VVI Objective Question Bihar Board | Bihar Board Class 12th Physics

Magnetism and Matter VVI Questions 

Q.1. What is the importance of radial magnetic field in a moving coil gqlvanometer ?

Ans – 1. The plane of the coil remains parallel to the direction of magnetic field. So, the galvanometer is linear.

2. it is a stronger magnetic field as compared to the magnetic field produced by theflat pieces of a field magnet.


Q.2. Write two differences between electromagnet and permanent magnet.

Ans- The difference between electromagnet and permanent magnet.


1. It is shows temporary magnetism.It produces the magnetic field as long as currents flows in its coil.

2. The polarity of a electromagnetic can be changed by reversing the direction of the current.

Permanent magnet:-

1. It shows permanent magnetism that is it retain magnetism in it even when the current is swiched off.

2. The polarity of a permanent magnet cannot be changed.

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