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My Aim in Life – Essay

My Aim in Life – Essay

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every man has a need to have an aim in without an aim in life, our life is useless. to achieve this aim a man works day and night. it gives a direction to our life. my him in life is to become an engineer. i want to crack ]]t. i want to become a mechanical engineer. i want to give the world the most fuel efficient car. i want to invent a car-engine that can run at least fifty kilometres in one litre. in future we will face scarcity of fuel resources so there is need of this technology. in this way i can makr our country very proud. our sountry will be rich. i want to make our conty free from any type of problem like illiteracy poverty, superstition. etc. my parents will be very satisfied and fell proud of me. but above all this. i want to become an honest and good human being.

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