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My Grandmother’s House – Summary 

My Grandmother’s House – Summary 

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My Grandmother’s House 

There is a house now far away where once I recevied love .That woman died. The house withdrew into silence ,snakes moved Among books i was then too young To read ,and , my blood turned cold like the moon . How often i think of going There ,to peer through blind eyes of windows or just listen to the frozen air, Or in wind despair ,pick an armful of Darkness to bring it here to lie Behind my bedroom’s door like a brooding Dog… you cannot believe ,darling can you ,that i lived in such a house and Was proud ,and loved… i who have lost My way and beg now at strangers’ doors to Receive love ,at least in small change?



‘My Grandmother’s House’ is written by an indian poetess Kamala Das. Here, she describes the deserted condition of her grandmother’s house and her own life. Her grandmother is no more. She finds herself alone. She lacks love in her life. The present condition of the house is fearful. The poetess wants to take from this place an armful of darkness at her house where she lives now. She wants to put this darkness safely in her bedroom to recollect the memory of the past.

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