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Pollution – Essay

Pollution – Essay

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pollution is a cancer like disease of environment. these days. pollution is found in almost every walk of life. it is found in air, sound, water, soil and most important in politics also. But, in any case it is harmful to us. air pollution has invite a danger of global warming. sound pollution has created mental stress to the people. water pollution brings water borne disease. soil pollution has decreased the fertility of the soil. The use of chemicals in farming causes soil pollution. Now this problem has become a danger to flora and fauna on the earth. whole world is now taking it seriously. Governments will have to take these challenges by making hard policies. public transport system must be improved to control the air pollution. this will bring down the noise pollution also. water is polluted mostly by unplanned industeialisation. poisonous materials are thrown in rivers by the industries. strict policies are needed in this regard. only seminars and meetings will not suffice.

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