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Polymers VVI Questions |Chemistry VVI Questions Class 12th | Chemistry Important Question Bihar Board | Bihar Board Chemistry Class 12th

Polymers VVI Questions


Polymers Subjective Questions

Q.1. What are synthetic rubbers ? Give one example.

Ans – A synthetic rubber is a any artificial eastomer. These are mainly polymers synthesized from petroleum byproducts. These are manufactured artificially in laboratory is called synthetic rubbers. Example – Neuprene


Polymers Subjective Questions

Q.1. Polythene is a polymer of –

(a) Ethane

(b) Ethene

(c) Propene

(d) Ethyne

Ans – (b) Ethene


Q.2. Buna-N and Buna-S are –

(a) Natural rubber

(b) Synthetic rubber

(c) Latex

(d) Polythene

Ans – (b) Synthetic rubber


 Q.3. Natural rubber is a polymer of –

(a) Styrene

(b) Isoprene

(c) Chloroprene

(d) Butadiene

Ans – (b) Isoprene


Q.4. Which of the following is a biodegradable polymer ?

(a) Cellulose

(b) Polythene

(c) PVC

(d) Nylon-66

Ans – (a) Cellulose


Q.5. Which of the following is not a condensation polymer ?

(a) Glyptal

(b) Nylon-6, 6

(c) PTFE

(d) Dacron

Ans – (c) PTFE


 Q.6. Caprolactum is the monomer for –

(a) Nylon-6

(b) Nylon-6, 6

(c) Nylon-2-nylon-6

(d) Terylene

Ans – (a) Nylon-6







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