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Price Rise – Essay

Price Rise – Essay

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There was a time when people would chant ‘daal rotikhao prabhu ke gun gao’ means God has given the most generous gift to fill our belly and we must enjoy it and thank Him for giving these to us these. Now where the aata is Rs 20 per kg and the daal is Rs 80 per kg. there remains no sense in praising God. increasing prices of essentil commodities has shaken the confidence of a common man. the poor are in the position of dying from statrvation. vegetables and fruits have become a dream now. A middle class family too dare not ask the prices of anything that looks green at the grocery. If some show the courage, they again feel chilled before the burning LPG. For the rich, it does note matter much. It is not at all in the hands of people to help themselves. The price of diesel and dependence of agriculture on the monsoon has direct effect on it.

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