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The Book I Like Most – Essay

The Book I Like Most – Essay

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The book i like most is the Ramayan. It is also the holy book of the hindus. It is written by Tulsidas. Its story is full of each and everything that is needed for a complete entertainment. There is no side of human relationship that is not touched in the story. King Dasratha as a father, Kaushalya and Kekai as mothers, Ram as a son, Laxman as a brother, Sita as a wife, Hanuman and Manthra as sevants, Sugriv as a friend, Vibhisan as a spy and last but not least Ravan as an enemy, all these characters are now known as symbols for their acts. The story is very touching and long one in poetry from. That has a very universal appeal. It means, it is present every period of time.

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