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The Earth – Summary

The Earth – Summary

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The Earth’ is a very fine story written by an English writer H.E. Bates. It is the story of a farmer named Johnson. He is thrown out of his house by his own son namesd Benjy. Benjy is a simple minded son. His parents all the time worry about his well being. They take him to a doctor. He suggests them to help him start a business of his own. They help him start his poultry farming. Benjy works hard and becomes a very rich person of the area. He marries a girl named Florence against the wishes of his parents. The house, in which they live in, is bought by Benjy. Benjy compels his parents to shift their room in which they have slept all their lives. One day, he drives them away from the house too. Benjy’s father and mother are left alone on an unfamiliar road to help themselves.

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